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CYT (500hr), Certified Reiki Level 2 Healer, Intuitive, Tantrica, Musician, Workshop Facilitator
After studying dance, music, theater, and the arts for over 14 years, Stephanie embarked on a journey of discovery, which led her to all corners of the world. She has studied directly under such masters as Michael Harner, Nischala Joy Devi, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Sunita Shrestha, and Avtk. Ananda Devika' Ma', to name a few.

Stephanie's vision of healing is holistic and non-dualistic, encompassing the physical as well as the spiritual world. Her approach draws from her training in Skydancing Tantra, Music, Shamanism, Ayurveda, Massage, Art, Psychology, Meditation, Reiki and dance joined with her background in Astanga, Hatha, Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga (among other styles).
Since 2003, Touch of Bliss has touched hundreds of lives internationally, including France, the Bahamas, and around the US.
Massage Therapist, Tantrica, Craftsman, Enlightenment Intensive Master
Bob trained in the Bay Area in 1982-84 in several modalities (Swedish, Esalen, Trigger, Acupressure, and 'Bobbing').
Bob has a background in several forms of body work and meditations, and has studied with masters such as Edrid, Osha, Steve and Lokita Carter, and is a follower of Shunru Suzuki.
Bob's vision of body work is not to "fix", but to facilitate the process of growth. He lives in the moment and is passionate for the Truth.
Guest Teacher October 2010
Psycho-sociologist from Montpellier, France. Véronique has a Masters in Cognitive Sciences from Paris in 1985, and has completed trainings with different approaches such as Gestalt, C. G. Jung’s dream analysis, systemic therapy, Forum Theater, Shamanism and PsychoNoetics.
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Private Yoga Classes
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Private Yoga Classes, Intuitive Massage Therapy, 
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at your home or office, and by appointment on weekdays at
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"I first got to experience the work of Stephanie's last year and was amazed of how intuitive she was. Her presence alone brought great relief from the many long hours of work that we performed together. She was a inspiration to all who crossed her perceptive path and embodied many of the healing arts within her practice. She is a Master Bodyworker, Yoga Instructor and Reiki Healer that sets her standards above any other therapist I have worked with. Her work is a blessing to any who get to receive it."   
Kennedy Carr ~ President of Sarva Dharma Productions, San Diego, CA

"You're able to bring peace in our body and in our soul, you're doing a brilliant work...Helping people to get down in their body then the floor and in the same time elevate ourselves in a spirituality way."
B.C., Avignon, France

"Stephanie is a truly remarkable energetic healer.  The massage work she did with me opened up my senses, free my body of blocked energy, and sparked my spirit.  I really appreciated the loving intention she puts into her work.  Stephanie was fully grounded and present in every moment of her session with me.  I was touched with love."
Walter S., Novato, CA

"I met Stephanie in a difficult period in my life when so much was changing. I wanted help to open up more, both physically and mentally, combined with the yoga I was already doing. Stephanie met me in a most wonderful way, and my experience was that she had "magical" hands. She released the best in me, and I bring it with me further in life as a very special experience. I will definitely contact her again when I return to San Francisco."
Aud Irene S., Norway


Anna Petruncio - A one-woman show in Philadelphia, PA offering 9 different kinds of massage, facials, and Reiki.

HealthForce NutritionalsMakers of Vitamineral Greens and other delicious superfoods products! I love these guys, and I never leave home without my greens.
Mamababa - Hand-made, organic, grass-roots clothing and parenting accessories, founded by Jennifer Wienecke-Friedman. Based in Davis, CA.
Sacred Spaces VillageA community at Burning Man spreading the message of Light and Love through music, art, Yoga, healing, permaculture, vision, and ritual. I am honored to have been a part of their magic in 2010!
Ecstatic LivingSteve and Lokita Carter, teachers of Skydancing Tantra in the US. Based in Middletown, CA.
Ananda Seva Mission - A spiritual community and school of Reiki, Yoga and Yoga Therapy. Based in Santa Rosa, CA and home of my beloved teacher, Avtk. Ananda Deviika' Ma'.
Avalon Springs - Redeveloping a historic Hot Springs Resort north of Napa, CA. Their vision combines ecology/permaculture, organic farming, holistic health, conscious relating, and sustainable business. - Michael Harner's "The Foundation for Shamanic Studies", a non-profit organization dedicated to education. Dr. Masaru Emoto and his studies on the messages in water. His finding point to the effect of positive and negative words, thoughts, and energy on water.
Nischala Joy Devi - A great yoga teacher and healer, she has written many books on yoga and healing, and developed the Yoga portion of the Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease.
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